Hey there! Welcome to my umpteenth personal blog.

I seem to go through a cycle of starting one new blog every six months and over the course of seven years, I’ve probably made about two dozen blogs.

The longest running one was Pinoy Buzz, which I have decided to junk all together in favor of this newest one.  Never mind that, up until I screwed up all the coding and used it to experiment with all sorts of “blogging tricks”, it had pretty good stats even if I didn’t update it for months.  I’m writing all that off now.

For the lack of any other idea for a title, I think “Just Saying” seems to fit right now.  After all, the reason why I blog is to register my ideas and impart information which I think may be helpful to others.

Being a personal blog, “Just Saying” will reflect my biases and it will be subjective.  As far as these are concerned, I will make an effort to own up to them and make an honest attempt to account for them, but not filter them out.  This will be mainly done through disclosure clauses, if necessary.

I will do my best to be fair, accurate, and honest with this blog.  However, as with most blogs, I urge the reader to do their own fact checking and I do hope you’ll tell me if I at all being unfair about something.

No one is editing this for me and so I don’t have anybody to double check my material before I click publish.  So… typos and lapses in grammar will escape me, fallacies will happen, and mayhem will ensue.

So… Here we go, let’s see what blog number gazillion will do.

(Updated June 9, 2013)