Are Criminal Syndicates Funding Attacks On Duterte?

Will there be an attempt to oust Duterte in January 2017?

Social Media Soup

Perhaps Duterte social media stalwarts Mocha Uson, Sass Rogando, Franco Mabanta and Thinking Pinoy have already put this question out there, so maybe I’m just echoing the suspicion that criminal syndicates are funding an attempt to oust President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Having lost billions of pesos of income over the past several months, criminal syndicates are probably starving by now and becoming more desperate.

With the billions at their disposal, funding a negative PR campaign amounting to tens of millions or hundreds of millions a month would be a small sacrifice for getting their turf back.

But funding a negative PR campaign isn’t the only thing needed to oust President Duterte, they’ll also need to have an actual armed troops (or mercenaries) as well as high level political operators and a way to get the backing of the international community.

A friend who is a veteran political operator told me that the likes of Vice…

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