Moving On Does Not Mean To Forget

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Let me start this post by quoting something that Ramon Sunico, a teacher at Ateneo and former GM of Cacho Publishing house, said:

“Moving on does not mean to forget. It means to learn. It means to plan better, struggle smarter. It means to ignore the petty and distracting and to attract the helpful and the effective. To grow, to rise. To MOVE ON nga eh.”

This also reminds me of what my father told me once, “Anak, minsan mo lang tignan kung saan ka natisod at tumingin ka na agad kung saan ka patungo. Kapag pinako mo tingin mo doon, baka ka matisod uli.” (English translation: “Son, look at the spot where you stumbled only once and then look at where you’re headed. If you fix your eyes too long at that spot, you’re bound to stumble again.”)

Now the thing here is that the lessons from the Marcos…

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