Media Security Chief Joel Egco’s Tips on Staying Safe on Social Media

Journalists using social media have to be more careful.

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Perhaps foreseeing the impact of arming the press with the Freedom of Information executive order which allows them greater access to information on government transactions and records, President Rodrigo Duterte also created the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) which is supposed to investigate work related media killings as well as provide protection for journalists under threat.

In about a week’s time, the FOI executive order will take effect and while government agencies are preparing for its implementation, the PTFoMS has also set out to fulfill its mandate at a blistering pace.

At the first regular meeting, the order of the day was to finalize the task force’s operational guidelines so that the National Prosecution Service, NBI, PNP, AFP, Presidential Commission on Human Rights and other agencies can work interlocked to protect media workers under threat as well as prosecute those who injure and kill media workers.

14993358_1247385121950093_2936681524305660891_nThe day after…

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