profile of Martin Tuason, Armscor CEO

Boo yeah!


Nowadays i only write about people or stuff i believe in (yeah that sounds yabang, but tis true), so i pursued and waited for Martin Tuason, CEO of Armscor, to come home to Manila to do a feature on their TCM rounds and his absolute cojones in putting it out on the market and daring the rest of the firearms and ammunitions industry to follow. this kind of ‘buo ang loob’ is what gets the Filipino through our lowest and astounds even the boldest of souls.

Chutzpah, passion, and steel-eyed determination to bring a Filipino brand onto the global stage—Martin Tuason of Armscor has it all zeroed in, on and off the firing range

photo by Jose Enrique Soriano

With the lifting of the gun ban tomorrow, November 12, and the new Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunitions Act (RA 1059) in effect (see sidebar), the Philippines is poised…

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